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    Re: I've had enough of Ed Reed's BS

    Quote Originally Posted by bmorecareful View Post
    A lot of hysteria on both sides going on in this thread. As usual, the truth always lies somewhere between the two sets of rabid extremists. Ed is not as good as he used to be, but he's still by far our best option at FS.

    Ed Reed is not playing as well as he has in the past in any facet of his game. Yes, his "counting" statistics aren't bad (10 PDs, 3 INTs) but part of that could be due to seeing more passes into his coverage than in prior years. In years past QBs simply didn't go to Ed's side of the field if he was playing a deep half. But nowadays Ed doesn't have quite as much speed or range so when he's playing centerfield he can be looked off or otherwise taken advantage of.

    The Ravens have allowed 8 passing TDs this year, and Ed Reed had primary coverage on 3 of them (2 vs Oakland, 1 vs Houston) and possibly a 4th (vs Philadelphia) but that may have been a miscommunication with the CB. That's not what you expect out of possibly the best coverage safety to ever play the game, but he is slowing down and not getting a lot of help from his teammates in the secondary or the pass rush. Obviously, his play against the run is so-so at best and he's missed too many tackles.

    There's no way the Ravens have someone stashed on the bench who's better than Ed Reed. He's the best option and barring injury he should start the rest of the season at FS
    . Hopefully he'll improve, but he's not getting any younger and again he doesn't have a lot of help from his teammates. Although he's been my favorite Raven since his rookie year, this isn't 2005 anymore, it's 2012 and the decline we knew would happen is actually happening. I believe 2013 is the year the Ravens move on.

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    Re: I've had enough of Ed Reed's BS

    Quote Originally Posted by bmorebirds_24 View Post
    What point does he have? Ray Rice and Ed Reed are two completely different comparisons as a player RIGHT NOW!

    Ed Reed is in his 30's, constantly misses tackles, cried all off-season about a new contract and cost the Ravens $20,000.00 for throwing his excuses about his poor tackling. Also Reed has more injuries each week then an entire teams injury report.

    Rice is in his 20's a key cog in our offense and we never hear a negative word out of him. During his contract negotiations we never heard a word from Rice. He waited amd got hos deal.

    Reed is a drama queen, with a mouth in his 30's in a very physical sport. Rice is younger with no mouth and doesn't have any lingering injuries.

    If me being done with Reed makes me an idiot then so be it. I'm not saying there is a better option on the team right now but after this season Reed needs to go. Trying to explain that not every player can have the longevity like a Ray Lewis to some of you guys is pointless.

    I'm done with the conversation and am sure as hell glad that yiu Reed lovers aren't running the Ravens front office.

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    And we are very HAPPY you are not either!!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by RavensQB View Post
    And we are very HAPPY you are not either!!!!

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