BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T USE TAIWAN JONES!!!!!! I went through all that trouble, picking him up in both of the leagues and talking smack all week long, only for them to not even use him. Instead of putting him behind Reece, they just move Reece back and leave out the FB. Newsflash, Reece didn't do shit.

Al Davis must be rolling around in his grave. They can get Heyward Bey's dropsy ass on the field for speed, but can't get Jones on the field, with two RBs hurt?

After Baltimore has clearly shown itself to struggle stopping the run, with FBs making holes everywhere, you try to run out of the singleback with the FB turned RB? I don't care how athletic he is, unless his name is Jim fucking Brown, that's bad coaching.

Fuck the Raiders. I'm now fighting for my fantasy life this week.