First of all, I have to say that was a great win and the confidence will now be high going into a MASSIVE game next week, as it always is. The question is now, whether or not we can really take it on the road and play well, and win. If we win next week, that will be a significant milestone, perhaps one of the best regular season win since Harbaugh has been here. In the mean time, LETS GO BEARS AND CHEIFS (not holding out much hope for the Chiefs at all).

Now onto some of the newer players making some plays that we may not know much about.

Jah Reid played well, from what I could see of him going to LG after Bobbie Williams was getting blown up everywhere by that Raiders Dline (probably due to his ankle injury). I haven't watched tape on Reid starting guard in that game yet, but he made some very nice key blocks in the running game, one of which led to the rushing TD from the draw to Ray Rice. Jah Reid is a big guy who can maul people in the trenches, but is a very athletic guard too, and is a lot more athletic than Bobbie Williams from what I could see, he was getting to the second level a lot of the times, which Williams just can't do anymore. It's going to be interesting to see who gets the start at LG next week, but my guess would be go with experience and start Williams pending on how his ankle holds up in the week. However, I am willing to bet money that Jah Reid will be playing guard for us down the stretch. I am just about to watch the tape on Reid after posting this, so more to come on how he did.

DeAngelo Tyson was arguably one of the better players out there today, and got the majority of snaps from what I seen at LE. He was getting plenty of pressure on the QB, held his own in the ground game, and batted several passes by Palmer. For a guy who's only 6'2, this guy can really leap in the air. Tyson is bigger and stronger than McPhee, and is more athletic than Arthur Jones, so it wouldn't surprise me if Tyson will end up being the starter down the stretch at LE opposite Ngata. Better yet, you could move Ngata to NT, and rotate McPhee, Arthur Jones, and Tyson at LE and RE on the Dline. In any case, this guy is turning out to be a steal in the 7th round out of Georgia.

Tandon Doss made another awesome catch in the air on one of the passes by Flacco, he did drop another, but it was a bad pass. Doss was out as a punt returner in one of the kicks and broke several tackles for a big return, but it was sadly neglected by a stupid holding penalty. Jones is not getting beat out as the number 3 receiver, but Doss certainly has a future as a slot receiver on this team IMO, he is just behind a bunch of really good players right now. In time when we get the passing game going on a more consistent basis, he may be more of a regular productive player, and is arguably AnQuan Boldins long term replacement. He is a tall and rangy receiver and very very strong, he can really make some nice catches and is simply a slightly faster, but smaller and weaker version of Boldin.

Ed Dickson after a huge stretch of really poor games, he came up big with 2 receptions for 52 yards, and looked like more of the explosive TE that Ozzie drafted in the 3rd round back in 2010. The jury is certainly still out on him, but if he can resurrect this kind of play next week and beyond, him and Pitta are going to be big parts of this offense in the future.

What "under the radar" or newer players stood out to you?