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    Re: Game Thread: Raiders @ Ravens

    Did they take Reed out on that last defensive series?

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    Re: Game Thread: Raiders @ Ravens

    Quote Originally Posted by OhThePossibilities View Post
    I wish the Giants would have waited a few weeks to go through their annual shitfest.
    and their D just gave up another TD. Eli hasn't thrown a TD since that comeback against the Skins which seems like months ago

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    Re: Game Thread: Raiders @ Ravens

    Thats only our 3rd penatly I think.

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    Re: Game Thread: Raiders @ Ravens

    15 yards thank you

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    Re: Game Thread: Raiders @ Ravens

    Ravens best ever score is 48 - 48-3 vs GB '05, 48-3 vs DET '09.

    One more score and its a match.

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    Re: Game Thread: Raiders @ Ravens

    Hey, late hit on Ray Rice. Where is the flag...OK, there it is.

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    That's 51's second late hit. He should be ejected.
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    Re: Game Thread: Raiders @ Ravens

    OK, Raiders. Lose with dignity.
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    These guys want to cheap shot? I say put up 60!

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    In NYC watching NYG live and Eli looks pretty bad but he's not getting much time or much of a pocket. Geno Atkins and the D front is killing the NYG OL.

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    Re: Game Thread: Raiders @ Ravens

    Bengals kicking G men a new one 31-6.

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    Re: Game Thread: Raiders @ Ravens

    300 yds for #5.


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