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    Re: Awesome Courtney Upshaw Commercial

    Quote Originally Posted by londonraven View Post
    I think the key is Upshaw has no spotters for this stunt/advert

    If the No1 draft pick rookie gets injured on a commercial the team would go crazy, it's surely in his contract not to anything that jeopardising his ability to play ball.
    Quote Originally Posted by ActualSpamBot View Post
    No CGI in this one, and the car is probably intact. The trick is you never see the whole car while it is in a position where Courtney would need to be doing some real lifting. The first flip only shows half the car, with Upshaw visible in the front passenger window. I'm sure the other 3 dudes lifting with him were just out of frame. Anytime Courtney moves the car on his own it is either pushing it over in a way that even a smallish woman could (from it's side to it's back for example.)

    So yea... simple camera trickery.
    Double bingo.

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    Re: Awesome Courtney Upshaw Commercial

    Quote Originally Posted by FearTheRaven View Post
    It can be done.
    Actually, if I heard that right and the cars weighed 700 kilos (about 1550 lbs), then that proves HR's point--the car at ~2390 would be too much. Particularly as the Toyota in Upshaw's commercial would almost certainly have a lower center of gravity and therefore be harder to tip over. Thanks for the video though.

    HR, I stand corrected.

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    Re: Awesome Courtney Upshaw Commercial

    I thought I'd throw this back to the top with how well our Rookie has been doing. Hopefully he can keep it up and not hit any wall.

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    Re: Awesome Courtney Upshaw Commercial

    I know a guy that can actually lift the back of a car off the ground. He is a roided out powerlifter though. lol

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    Re: Awesome Courtney Upshaw Commercial

    Nice to see the kid getting some ad $ whatever the case.


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