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The whole point though JAB is... it's not even an option over there. Debating whether it would have or could have made a difference is irrelevant when you can't even carry one.

So if you relate that to the pro or anti gun case, this is exactly what people mean when they say, criminals don't care about the law.
It's actually worse then that though. Criminals actively PREFER England's types of laws, as they face less opposition. It is why places that expressly ban firearms have been the target of nearly every mass shooting since the mid 60's... easier target. It is why the Reisterstown Road Corridor had a string of burglaries all fall, but NOT the liquor stores, NOT the banks, NOT the jewelry stores... it was the low hanging fruit like Pizza Hut(x2), Pizza Bolis, the Vet(for cash, notdrugs), the diner, etc. Of Note(Antony's was robbed twice, but early indications are tht it was an inside job). Criminals wat to be the ONLY ONES with guns, so they have a gigantic advantage. Oncewe can establish the fact that they WILL have them, I don't see the point in taking away our rights to protect ourselves from them.