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Saw a little comment about Fast and Furious earlier in this thread. Thought I would drop this in here.

Its a long read, but a good one.

I don't think anyone has ever argued that the administration intentionally allowed guns to fall into the hands if the cartels.

Rather, it was a monumentally stupid idea to allow guns to walk across the border, hoping they'd never get used, all in the hopes of being able to "track their movements".

Fact still remains this administration DID allow guns to go across the border. Those guns DID end up in the hands of some pretty bad folks. And sadly, those same guns DID kill people, namely a DEA agent. Do I think the President or Holder know about the program beforehand? No. Do I think they've been covering it up? Yup.

That's the issue I have with it. No surprise, CNN is hoping to obfuscate the issue when that was never anyone's contention in the first place.