Joe or Cammie?
Which one is the problem?

How does a mechanic or engineer do it? I think it's a process of isolation and elimination.

For the Ravens, we won't ever be able to tell until they are separated...and since we absolutely know (from Stevie's sound bites over the last year or two) that Flacco isn't going anywhere, you gotta remove Cammie from the equation. If not then you are a hopeful fool (I don't think that's Stevie), or you are running with the assumption that with Joe and Cammie together, we can win it all. But that assumption has only become more foolish over time, because there's that annoying and constant element of life called reality.

And our reality includes our recent history of failing to execute in the playoffs. Yet, even using that history as an excuse to keep Joe and Cammie together works, but it only really works in a world where players never age, never retire, never sign elsewhere, and never hit the IR.