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I agree if they a adopt a more Libertarian approach, they'd be better served.

I don't agree however the Tea Party had anything to do with this loss. The Tea Party is essentially Libertarian in many ways. Texas just elected a strong Tea Party backer in Ted Cruz based on Libertarian ideals of less Government intrusion, lower taxes, less regulation, etc were mantras in his campaign. He'd fair on the national stage but the GOP good ole' boys may get in the way.

Mitt ran a downright horrible campaign. He had every opportunity to frame Obama and, aside from one good debate performance, failed miserably at framing the debate. He stood back and did nothing as events he should have seized on -- Libya, unemployment numbers, etc -- came and went without barely a word.
While Tea Partiers definitely have some libertarian traits, the problem is that the political members who many would (or could) consider the "face" of the Tea Party are wayyyyy too invested in religion and all of the things that come along with religion being included in one's politics.

You're right though. Mitt did run a bad campaign. There were several things that he could have called Obama on. He just flat out didn't. Not sure who was running his campaign, but they didn't do a very good job either. Like you said, other than the one debate, he didn't do anything while Obama's camp went straight after all of the things that could cast doubt onto Mitt (finances, taxes, etc).