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    Re: Election Day 2012 Thread

    We were sure classy to you when you came on for the first time, unlike the welcome I got from libbies the first time and even now as you can see. Like I told you, I have to wear a bullet proof vest in
    here just getting slurred by two libbies when I said nothing to them. Can't be thin skinned.

    BTW, while you're celebrating, enjoy the $300+B in taxes youll be
    paying in the coming years. Everyone will be paying, not just the
    rich and don't complain when gas goes up to $10 pr gal. OBY said
    we have to pay our fair share like Europe; and food
    prices go up another 40% and there will be another debt ceiling

    You'll win that too when OBY threatens to stop the old folks soc sec checks and the military pay checks while they're dying for him in
    Afghanistan and Iraq and more ambassadors will die after belng left unprotected in Africa and the Middle East unless they all quit.

    Debt ceiling will go up to $20T and your kids will be poor paying it off when they're your age or sooner, just like the ones in Greece now.

    And I'm sure everyone will enjoy the free condoms the church will be forced to give them.

    Now, if all that is slurred and classless, I apologize to the thin
    skinned. It's all the truth.
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