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Thread: DeAngelo Tyson

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    DeAngelo Tyson

    I've been closely watching tape on Tyson since the Houston game, and he has seemed to be really holding his own out there playing LE. He had 25 snaps against the Texans, and did pretty well for his debut against a good Oline, but it was really this past Sundays game where he impressed me with his limited 18 snaps, he looked a lot better than Arthur Jones who constantly gets pushed back/pancaked along with Cody and Kemo. PFF had him graded out at + 1.7 overall, and +2.0 in run defense.

    I think if he continues to impress as a rotational player, he could over take Arthur Jones and compete with McPhee for a starting spot at LE. We need our Dline to seriously improve, as I think it truly is the achillies heel of this defense, even worse than our corners.

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    Re: DeAngelo Tyson

    I too like Tyson.

    He has made some nice strides this year. Future looks bright for him.
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    Re: DeAngelo Tyson

    Re-watching the games, he gives up very little ground and disengages from blocks a lot of better than Art (who I'm pretty disappointed with up to this point.)


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