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    Re: Preview: Ravens vs. Steelers Matchups on SNF

    Quote Originally Posted by Corey View Post
    Can we focus on Oakland first?
    Everyone knows Oakland is first....again, IFFFFF we beat Oakland, how does Bmore match up against the Steelers - is this so hard to understand.....geez!!!!!?
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  2. Re: Preview: Ravens vs. Steelers Matchups on SNF

    I prefer to see how we do against Oakland before I decide how I feel we'll do against Pitt.
    Dean Pees is now going to be in the box--will that make a positive difference?
    Hall appears to be in; Kemo out--that should improve our run D.
    Suggs will be healthier & in better shape (hopefully)
    Maybe Cam is finally feeling the heat and will actually call a smart game & dare I say it, ADJUST when needed.
    Maybe Good, no make that Great Joe will show up like he usually has against the Steelers in the past 2 seasons--even though it's a ROAD game.
    Maybe Taylor being a year older + no Polamalu means Torrey & Jacoby will be running free and wild--or at least getting open constantly.
    Maybe the O-line won't suck.

    OK< I admit, that's a lot of maybes, because let's face it: the Steelers still have Lebeau & Tomlin, and now Haley has brought out the best in Ben & Heath, while continuing to involve the other WRs and balancing the pass nicely with the run. And our D is not what it once was, but maybe they can step up finally, maybe the O will finally have a strong road performance, maybe our coaches will realize how much they suck and realize what they really need to do--study the game film of other teams who have come up with competent game plans & mid-game adjustments against the Steelers recently and just copy as much of whatever they did as our own talent will allow.

    Ironically, that would include film from the Ravens-Steelers games in 2011
    (but not 2010, that film needs to be burned)
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