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    Re: Coaching Philosophy

    True, I thought Jim has to work with what he had. His offense was anything, but simple and predictable. His defense? That is another story. I am not suggesting that his team runs exotic packages, but the team sure does run packages that fit their personnel.

    Regardless, his team reminds me more like a Nick Saban's Alabama than a Big Ten Michigan offense.

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    Re: Coaching Philosophy

    Quote Originally Posted by RedSkins Fury View Post
    Jim is freaking CRAZY. You can see it in his eyes. John is conservative and mild mannered. Jim did play for U of M.. He always looked pissed back then. I wish we could switch.
    Well the switch isn't going to happen so stop whining like a baby and accept that John is here. Alex Smith will make Jim look bad eventually, why do you think they flirted with Peyton Manning and experimented with Colin Kapernick?


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