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    A request. Please read.

    Kelly Schmidt is a very close friend of mine. She lives in Joppa with her hubby Steve and two kids. They are all huge Ravens fans.

    Her mother lives in New Jersey.

    Mom's house was badly damaged. She came out of it slightly better than some; her house was not completely destroyed but it will not be habitable for 6-8 months.

    My family and a circle of Kelly's friends are collecting 'stuff' for Mom's neighborhood. Stuff like diapers, chlorox wipes, clothes..just about any kind of household items that we all take for granted will help the neighborhood get back on their feet.

    I would like to reach out to the 24x7 community: If you can spare a few dollars, please consider paypal-ing it to [email protected] You don't need a Paypal account - just a credit card. Even a dollar or two will help.

    I would not make such a request if was not sure that it will all go to a good cause. Let me assure you that it will. Please help a fellow Ravens' fan out. It will be appreciated.

    Thanks and Go Ravens.
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    Re: A request. Please read.

    Tony, my family is in the same boat. We evacuated on Sunday, only to come back to a water=logged house on Wednesday morning. We stayed with friends to wait out the storm, and because of their generosity, we're still housed with them. We have already applied to FEMA online, and are still awaiting a State Farm inspector. Our entire downstairs living area is a total loss. The contractor we called, at State Farm's request, told us 6 months to a year! ...Bc

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    Re: A request. Please read.

    FEMA is not easy BC. You do what you got to do. Follow the rules and fill out the paperwork because it's important to get the help you need. Good luck. You're one of the very long list that I am thinking about and pulling for as well as Kelly's mom. I was very lucky to just be out of power for an extended period time. We were lucky and the trees avoided our little house. We've had so many fall the past 2 years that you would think there wouldn't be many left but there always seem to be more.
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