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    Re: 53 undisciplined men

    Quote Originally Posted by PerpetuallyBored74 View Post
    No, no, no...

    They're 53 MIGHTY Undisciplined Men.

    54, counting Harbaugh

    Cleveland was baiting us mercilessly, esp. after the whistle (laying on Pierce to draw a PF, the sh** w/ Yanda - pulling his helmet off & a single leg take-down wrestling move seemed just a tad flagrant from my sofa, bumping titties w/ DBs, etc.). It is our job not to respond in kind, but everybody tries the same stuff on us, cause there's a chance with us that it will work ( Philly did big time; just wait till Pitts.!). OL calls are going to happen (some holding & false starts are part of the cost of doing business).

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    Re: 53 undisciplined men

    The PF on Pierce was BS IMHO, at the very least offsetting. I don't know what's in their water but Cleveland has always been like this. Remember them gouging McGahee's eyes in the pile back in either 2008 or 2009? Must be the bitterness of perennial losing.

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    Re: 53 undisciplined men

    Wouldn't have this problem with Rex as HC!

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    Re: 53 undisciplined men

    Over the last 3 games, the Ravens are averaging 6 penalties per game...which would rank them about 10th in the league over the entire season.

    Not great, but improving.

    And agree that Harbaugh has to tone it down. Once you get the reputation as being a hot-head, and he has, the officials are going to be more quick to "T" him up.

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    Re: 53 undisciplined men

    Talking about the Chiefs?


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