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    Re: Ravens - Browns Prediction Thread

    I don't think this will be a nailbiter. I don't even think it's going to be close.

    Ravens win big: 31-6.

    The Bengals just are not as good as people thought they would be and SD is historically terrible traveling east. If I had to wager, I'd say they have lost far more than they have won when traveling that far east. Say what you want but On our worst day 7 point's is not enough to beat us.

    The Ravens will take care of Cleveland and Oakland in back to back weeks to move to 7-2.

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    Re: Ravens - Browns Prediction Thread

    televisions in the baltimore viewing area should be sold with chicken wire attached so as to save the screen from flying objects.

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    Re: Ravens - Browns Prediction Thread

    Rice will get 21 carries, even if the Browns play 10 in the box. Because Cam has already made up his mind.

    Flacco will be sacked 4 times, throw 2 picks, and one touchdown.

    Suggs will get one sack, but will also shut down the run to his side.

    Richardson will run for 105 yards.

    Ravens win in OT.

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    Re: Ravens - Browns Prediction Thread

    The Ravens haven't scored more than 24 points on the road since St Louis in week 3 of 2011 season. They'll likely need to do that to make sure they win this one.

    (Here's a note: 2011 was only once - the Rams game. 2010 was three times: - Carolina, Houston, Kansas City (Postseason). 2009 was four times: - San Diego, New England (x2), Minnesota. 2008 it was six times: Miami (x2), Cleveland, Cincinnati, Houston, Dallas. Funny how despite the offense getting better, they've hit that mark less and less. Does it show that the Ravens' power on the road has been degrading far longer than most people think?)

    I've a feeling that if they don't, they'll lose. Not necessarily due to being outscored, but it could simply be indicative of turnovers or losing TOP.

    Ravens don't tend to lose after breaks under Harbs, however. That's the strongest trend.

    Ravens 27, Browns 20.
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    Re: Ravens - Browns Prediction Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravens44 View Post
    Yes, another nailbiter, curse filled game.

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    Re: Ravens - Browns Prediction Thread

    Ravens, 16-13.

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    Re: Ravens - Browns Prediction Thread

    Despite the fact the Ravens have not been a good road team this year and the Browns seem to be inching ever so slightly towards some form of respectability I think the Ravens win this one pretty easily. Suggs will have even more impact this week and the pass rush and run defense will be better. Joe and the offense will not get pass happy and try to establish a running game. The Oline will show some decent improvement as Reid will show himself to be serviceable.

    Ravens 24 Brownies 13
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    Re: Ravens - Browns Prediction Thread

    24-21 Ravens. Justin Tucker comes through again!!

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    Re: Ravens - Browns Prediction Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by lovefootball View Post
    Ravens 19
    Browns 9
    +1. This score could be on the money.
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    Re: Ravens - Browns Prediction Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravens44 View Post
    Yes, another nailbiter, curse filled game.
    Yep, Ugly Win on the horizon. I'll take it.

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    Re: Ravens - Browns Prediction Thread

    I don't expect a blowout by any means, but I think the defense will be improved. Ngata's hamstring (IIRC, he's been nursing a hamstring since preseason) should have benefitted from the bye, Suggs has another week of practice under his belt and the Houston game, the coaching staff had the extra week to make adjustments from the loss of Lewis and Webb...and the Browns aren't exactly the Greatest Show on Turf.

    Offensively, I'm hopeful, but not too hopeful. The communication problems aren't knew, and neither is the coaching staff's recognition of it. We heard the same press conferences last year after Tenn, Jax, and Seattle. We hear about motion and bunch formations and more running with Rice. We heard about using Leach more. And still, the same things over and over and over. So, I'm hopeful this time Cameron will have inculcated what he says he knows week-in and week-out, but I'm not too hopeful because I don't see why this Sunday should be any different than other Sundays where he said the right things going into it and yet didn't seem to remember once the National Anthem was sung.

    Ravens- 23
    Browns- 16

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    Re: Ravens - Browns Prediction Thread

    I was hoping for a Cleveland win against the woefully underachieving Chargers. The Ravens were also unimpressive in their 23-16 Thursday win over the Browns at home (coming off an emotional win over the Patriots). So I expect the Browns to be a bit overconfident for this game, looking to end a 9-game losing streak against us. But given their recent troubles, the Ravens have no choice but to approach this as a 'must win' game.

    BALT 26
    CLEV 23


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