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    Hurricane slows down OBYs campaign in final week

    And this is from A.B. Stoddard from The, a staunch supporter
    of OBYs.

    She says the storms brings his campaign to a halt. He can't get his
    support base out in the country's most populous area. He can't rally
    them in the final week. He can't go there. His election depends on
    a heavy turnout at the polls.

    They've lost their homes. They're paying to stay in hotels. They
    can't use the flooded sub way.

    The DEMs can't even bus voters to the polling places this year.
    They can't even taxi them in. Pic showed about 100 taxis halway
    under water in NY city.

    Meanwhile, Mitt was in Ohio helping out by collecting food supplies for hurricane
    victims and saying he supports FEMA.

    The storm came at the most terrible time for the DEMs as far as
    the election is concerned.
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