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    Dick still says Mitt by 7-10 pts and says beware of phony Times poll

    Hannity had Rasmussen on who has Mitt up by +2 and when asked for a prediction he said he has no idea and anyone who says he does is lying. Hannity mentioned Dick Morris and Ras just shook his head.

    Ras is probably right but Dick is sticking to his guns on O'Rawley's show who is having him back next Wednesday to eat crow.

    Dick said the Times poll had OBY up by +8 point but they polled all DEMs and worded the survey a certain way. He along with another expert agree that Mitt is leading in that poll by +7 if they polled from a wide sample base.

    He cited several other polls.

    Karl Rove wouldn't agree with Dick but said the same as the RNC Chair who said the
    early voting has the GOP over-performing from 08 and the DEMs under-performing.

    Rove gave specific numbers like OBY has over 181,000 less turnouts than 08 while
    Mitt has over 75,000 more turnouts.

    Rove said the GOPs are more energized this time and more conservatives are voting than before.

    They know how crucial it is.

    Morris said take FLA. They had OBY up by polling DEMs when Mitt is up by +7
    with a wider sampling base.

    OHio is still too close to call but the RNC said the are over-performing there too.
    They know exactly how many ballots have been turned in and their outcome.

    I've been saying polls like the PPP on real clear and the Times and other DEMs polls
    are skewed as the media is trying to win the election for the DEMs like they
    have done in the past.

    It all comes down to which machine can get the most people out and the GOP is
    holding it's own in both Ohio and Wisconsin in the early voting and absentee ballots.

    Mitt has a chance in Iowa and Nevada too.
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    Re: Dick still says Mitt by 7-10 pts and says beware of phony Times poll

    Dick might not be the only one calling for a land slide.

    Mark Halpernin says it wil be:

    A close Obama win or
    A close Romney win or

    A Romney land slide.


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