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    Romney surge helps GOP in Senate races

    Such as Penn where GOP incumbent is leading his DEM rival. Mitt's lead there is helping the congressional candidates.

    Also in play are possible seats in Rhode Island and New Jersey.

    But the GOP is likely to lose Maine and, perhaps even Massachusetts. And Indiana, where Dick Luger was defeated in the primary by Richard Mourdock, is in doubt). If we do giveaway those three seats, we will still get control if we can bring in some of the takeaways listed above. But even with a net gain of only three seats, we will control the Senate 50-50 through Vice President Paul Ryan.

    Galen was right about one thing. Luger was always an automatic
    win for the GOP. The Tea Party made a mistake getting
    rid of him if we lose his seat.

    With those seats mentioned above and Mitt in the WH, we repeal OBUMMER CARE.

    This is what Chief Justice Roberts is talking about. Let the people
    decide on health care instead of us. It's in their power to take
    it away. Another words, show up at the polls and vote vs all
    the DEMs.
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