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    OBYs war on coal might cost him OHio and the election

    OBYs war on coal might cost him Ohio where it's now tied after blowing a 14 pt lead before the debates. Mitt focused on that war and the closing of over 100 power plants with more to come.

    Mitt is leading in Fla and Penn so if he wins Ohio, it's all over.

    The miners are fighting back by voting vs O. They carried Ohio for him in 08 and that was after Sarah Palin warned them that OBY would destroy their industry on the last weekend before the election.

    As much as Galin attacked her, she was spot on once again.

    Coal along with oil are America's greatest natural resources and OBY destroyed both. He just shut down more acres of public land for drilling.

    America has more coal than any other country and almost as much
    oil, probably more oil than any other country if we could dig up
    all that shale out west that is locked down, not to mention
    Anwar drilling in Alaska.
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    Re: OBYs war on coal might cost him OHio and the election

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again now, but the only possible positive from Oby's shutting down american energy production could be that we are attempting to run everyone else out of energy sources on borrowed dollars, and then at the end we have all of the "real dollars" when we are the only ones remaining with natural energy products.

    It's a gamble for sure.


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