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    Massive Photo of Milky Way Galaxy

    "Taken by the VISTA survey telescope at the ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile, this 9-gigapixel photo is the result of thousands of individual images being meshed together. If it were printed out at the average resolution of a standard book it would measure a mind-boggling 9 x 7 meters. Using three separate infrared filters, VISTA is able to see through dust fields that normally obscure the view of an optical telescope."

    If interested, check the link to the photo. Definitely worth it. Zooming all the way in is truly amazing.
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    Re: Massive Photo of Milky Way Galaxy

    I was just watching a cable channel that talked about the universe dying. They said it's constantly expanding and that's killing it.
    It might or will collide with other universes but one day the earth
    and it's universe will die.

    These of course were athiestic scientists but I got a good chuckle because it sounded like they were reading out of the Bible which says the same thing - in general and not so general terms - yet they
    hate God and his word.

    As you and Greg know, the last book of the Bible says there will be a new heaven and a new earth. Another words, it says the earth and the heavens will end.

    Revelation also talks about stars falling out of the sky during the tribulation and man will look up and not see the sun and moon and stars.

    That's about what these sceintists were saying only they were saying millions of years from now.

    The Bible just says in the end days.

    The specifics that the scientists were relating is probably how God
    ends it all and in his timing.

    Thanks for the thread.


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