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    Romney with Biden as VP??

    Don't laugh, it has happened before - twice in fact in the elections
    of 1800 when the House of Representatives selected Jefferson as
    Prez and 1824.

    Rasmussen called for a possible tie in the electoral college vote over the summer with
    each candidate getting 269 votes. If that happens it goes to the
    House and they decide.

    With the GOP in overwhelming control, MItt would surely win. Each state gets
    1 vote but get this:

    The Senate chooses the VP and with the DEMs in overwhelming control
    they could pick Biden as VP. Doesn't mean they will but they could.

    So we can possibly have Mitt as President and Biden as VP.

    In 1800 Jefferson and Aaron Burr the great duelist who killed Stephen
    DeCatur in a fight amongst others. It was tied and Jefferson used
    his congressional experience to call in favors and manipulate the HOuse
    to vote for him. Burr became the VP.

    More and more on TV are saying a tie could happen now.

    With OBY blowing big leads in Penn, OHio, Wisconsin and Michigan
    along with Iowa, Neveda and Colorado, it could happen again especially if
    Mitt wins Penn where he is ahead by +4 pts and OBY get Ohio.

    Mitt would need the 3 western states: Colorado where he is ahead
    and Iowa and Neveda which is tied but leaning for Mitt.

    A news anchor in Iowa says it's so close she can't tell but she sees
    a lot of Romney fans. OBY was ahead in all these states before the
    debates and blew a critical big lead in PA.

    That's the way it is.
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