At this point, outside of a QB or RB, I think they'll take the best player available regardless of position.

The reality is that other than QB and RB, one could easily argue that they could use an upgrade, youth, or depth at every other position.

OT - Oher entering last years of his rookie deal...resign? KO is a rookie...probably not a LT though.
OG - Yanda is solid. Jah looks ok, but is he better suited at OT? Harewood is a good depth player.
C - Birk is old and done. Gradkowski is a developmental player. Who knows if he'll ever be a starter.
WR - Torrey has a bright future. Boldin is entering a very expensive contract year, Jacoby has a $4 million dollar cap hit next year and is just a #3/return specialist, Doss has injury issues, Thompson is a UDFA, and Streeter is really RAW.
TE - Pitta is an excellent route runner and has great hands. He sucks as a blocker though. Dickson isn't good at blocking and has inconsistent hands. Bajema is a depth player only who is a mediocre blocker.

DL - Is Ngata ever going to be healthy for a full season again? Can Cody learn good technique? Can Pernell McPhee return to the form he showed last year? Can Art Jones be a consistent every down player? What is Tyson's ceiling? How much does Kemo have left in the tank?

OLB - Is Upshaw an every down OLB? Will Kruger be resigned? Can McClellin be an every down player? What is the deal with McAdoo?
ILB - Ray will be 38 years old. Ellerbe is a good player, but has trouble staying healthy. McClain is a run stopper at best. Ayanbadejo is a role player on D and a ST's player.
CB - Webb coming off a 2nd ACL injury. Jimmy has been inconsistent. Cary likely won't be resigned. Graham is good, but may be too expensive to keep. Asa Jackson is relatively unknown. Chykie seems like a decent young player. Chris Johnson likely won't be here after this year.
SS - Pollard was extended, but SS depth is lacking right now.
FS - How much longer can Ed Reed realistically hang on with that shoulder/neck injury? Is Christian Thompson someone who could realistically start? Is he a SS or a FS?

See what I'm saying? So, I think that next year's draft will be a lot like this one for the Ravens. They'll stay put if the guy they want is there, but because of the depth at DL and pass rusher, they'll probably be able to trade down and still get good value in the 2nd round.