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Agree 100%. Read the TE rankings on Football Oustiders the other day, and Pitta and Dickson aren't ranked too highly. Not saying they can't improve, but it would be great to get a guy who can make an immediate impact.

I was impressed with Ertz from Stanford last night. What's he projected to go?
Pitta is a very effective TE in our offense. He'll be a Raven for a good while. He ranks top ten for receptions and TDs, and he's earned Joe's trust. The bullsh!t patterns that Cammie has designed for him are the greatest contributors to his woeful and embarrassing 10.2 YPC. Even when Joe misses him, it's not on a deep seam or flag, it's on a 3-5 yard out.

Dickson, who I felt could have been traded (for picks) going into day 2 of the 2012 draft, has questionable future value IMO. His blocking hasn't improved at all, and I don't like his low "catch percentage" (receptions / targets). I'm struggling to see how he makes our offense better now and going forward.

Ertz and ND's Eifert will be the 1st and 2nd TEs taken (choose whichever order you like). Ertz has been hard to evaluate b/c Stanford's QBs have serious accuracy problems. I mean the number of times the 6'6" Ertz has had to go to the ground to make a catch is stunning...so seeing him make a [hands] catch in stride is rare. I do know that he's a bit slow and routinely leans into his routes. It's a plus that he lines up wide, in the wide slot, in the tight slot, and on the LOS. However, I don't see a guy who likes to block even though he's bigger than just about anyone that he attempts to block. Could he be a very good RZ target? Yes, but I don't see a complete TE ready to produce as a rookie, thus worth burning a 1st rounder on.

Looking at TEs in general, I'm trying to find conviction in the idea of drafting Florida's Jordan Reed and putting him in the slot. He looks like a 3rd-4th round value guy, but there are a couple of caveats...he's also been the victim of poor QB play, and I can't find enough video to evaluate his route running. Reed does appear to like to block, and is much more physical at the POA than just about any "pass-catching" TE I've seen in awhile. Not saying he's great at it, but he is more aggressive than the norm and at least locks up his guy, or drives him out of the play. Also at 6'3" 240-245, he looks fairly "pads-fast". Of course, he'll probably run a high 4.48-4.52 at the Combine, kill the drills, and "earn" 2nd round value from some jerk GM, and will be long gone by pick #86, #96 or whatever.