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I really hope that the Ravens don't screw KO up by trying to make him into something he is not. They seem to be in the process of doing just that with Flacco. IMO, KO can become an outstanding LG, but will be a slightly better than average RT, and who knows what he would be as a LT, but if he is having trouble handling speed rushers at RT, then he is going to get exposed at LT.
Why is it that every offensive tackle other than McKinnie will only be slightly better than average?

For a rookie who was projected to be a guard, KO has done very well. Unlike Oher, he has the size and length to go along with a pretty nice skill set of athleticism. A lot of folks didn't think he would have the footwork to hang on the perimeter and even though he hasn't been perfect, I'd argue that he has exceeded a lot of people's expectations as an OT.

I'm glad they are giving him reps at LT. If anything, they're getting a good look at him as a LT in practice now to see where he needs improvement for next year (assuming they want him to be the LT).