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The answer is no. Suggs had a great game Sunday and it didn't mean shit. It's like how Jared Allen was putting up 20 sack seasons for a bad defense. They replace a good chunk of those around him and suddenly the Vikings D is a lot more effective. Pass rushers are critical to good teams but they can still put up their numbers for bad defenses.

On Sunday night they put up and interesting stat. The Bengals have had the most sacks over the past couple of seasons. Anyone truly scared of that defense?
Agree. Our front 7 = a recovering Suggs, a Ngata who might be starting to break down physically, and absolutely on one else who worries any OC. Great to see Upshaw progressing, but Cody, Kemo, McPhee, Kruger, Jones, and (maybe) McLain are regressing. Looking forward to us (barely) making the post-season, then sacrificing young goats (can't find many virgins around here) in hopes of a great draft