It's quite amazing to think that Suggs returned that early and looked so dominant. I can only imagine after the bye week, he will be in better shape, and he will probably be more healthy (who else was scared to death he'd hurt his achillies or something when he was out there?). If we went back into a time machine into the offseason and I said to everyone that Suggs will be back for Houston and will record a sack and stuff the run, everyone would have laughed their asses off. Most people were thinking December, and the biggest optimists were thinking late November.

So with Suggs back, Olines are now going to shift their blocking assignments to Suggs, either Ngata or Suggs has to be double teamed now, and they wont be able to do that all through the game. I think going forward the front 7 has to be this....

Ngata, Cody, McPhee

Upshaw, McClellan, Elerbee, Suggs

Rotational players: McClain (ILB), Kruger (OLB), A Jones (DE/DT), Kemo (NT)

Would like to see Bryan Hall and Tyson given a shot too, maybe Hall can win the stating job at NT, because Cody and Kemo are the true weak links of our defense right now. I wouldn't mind to see us sign a NT right now, is there anybody out there who could fill in?

Hopefully our front 7 can bring some pressure, and help our corners out and maybe enable them to play press coverage which would fit their strengths. I think Upshaw can develop into a decent pass rusher with Suggs opposite him now, and Kruger will look better in his old role as a pure pass rusher.

So can our defense get better? I honestly believe they have to if we want to win the SB, I don't think our offense is good enough to do what the Patriots do to make up for their defensive woes.