...has made me reassess my commitment to this board.
while I am not a regular poster, I have depended upon 24x7 for insight into the organization and intelligent opinion for several years on a multiple-times-a-day basis. after this week, I have developed the fear that the days on which I could look to 24x7 as a means of meaningful discussion about my team have given way to nothing more than crap. were it not for my addiction to all things raven, I would not bother with this post and go quietly into the night.

I have to admit I'm not surprised. all good things must come to an end, right? I am not an "apologist" nor a "hater," merely a fan. I have my own opinions, but generally feel no need to to seek either approval or attention. I believe I can take part in discussion through observation. there are many posters here of whom I am appreciative regardless of personal opinion. I could offer a list of screen names, but what would be the point...I believe they will know who they are.

the sad fact is that the yahoos will always far outnumber the rational. call them idiots or trolls, put them on your ignore list, whatever...that doesn't slow the degredation of the wonderful concept of an open forum intended to promote spirited discussion to promote ravens "fandom. "

at this point, I think I'll just revert to ybr...at least kenskin is entertaining.