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    Re: Kindle experiment is not over...

    Biscuit said he was going to be a "hands off" owner and has been for the most part. He did some great things adding some bathrooms to the upper deck because he knew that was a problem area being a fan with tickets up there before buying the team.

    Then he took Billick to the shed and told him to shape up or leave.
    Then he gave him a $20M contract. Then he fired him a year
    later even saying I still owed him $15M and paid him.

    He formed a committee to replace him and HARBs name was at the
    bottom of the list. He was an out of the box hire that Ozzie wouldn't
    have made. He liked Marty ball after playing for him but his son
    was on the list and so was Caldwell, now the QB coach. Rex was kind of on the list. Many fans wanted him but he never gave him a chance, an interview but never a chance.

    Biscuit wanted what most owners did and that was the young
    corporate look with a handsome young face to put on bill boards
    to advertize the corporation aka the team.

    After Garrett turned the job down he gave it to HARBs who beat
    Garrett every time including this year w/o Suggs and a pourous D.

    He also wanted a yes man who would say by golly, I love it Steve.
    I'll go down and tell CAM right away. I mean can you see Rex
    or Billick saying that. Bis got the ass kisser he wanted.

    So much for a "hands off" owner but he's a hell of a lot better
    than Irsay and Petey who built the club up instead of tearing
    it down like those clowns.

    We're damn lucky to have him.
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    Re: Kindle experiment is not over...

    Interesting tidbit on Kindle.....I would definitely say that haven't given up hope with Kindle yet.....

    Brian McFarland ‏@RavensSalaryCap
    When the Ravens re-signed LB Sergio Kindle to the Practice Squad, they gave him a salary of $10K per week. Normal PS salary is $5700.
    “Talk's cheap - let’s go play.” - #19, Johnny Unitas

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    Re: Kindle experiment is not over...

    Quote Originally Posted by B-more Ravor View Post
    Interesting tidbit on Kindle.....I would definitely say that haven't given up hope with Kindle yet.....
    I know this is a nasty business but I think they like him as a person and want to not only see him succeed but leave him with something in his pocket because after this year, his career is probably over.

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    Re: Kindle experiment is not over...

    Sad story, no doubt, but time to move on. Maybe no one should be faulted, but we wasted another important pick on him. Given our current state, we can not afford many more such picks.


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