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Kindle has the physical ability no question, the FO probably see enough in him that they say why not keep working with him in practice, offseason programs, etc. and if he hasnt improved by then he wont make the 53 man roster next season.

We were talking about this when he got cut, he wasnt really a pass rusher in college, he was a blitzer with athleticism and sideline to sideline upside. I think if he can continue to learn the nuances of pass rushing, get counter moves, etc. and become competent as a ST player best case he could be a sub package rusher. Are the odds extremely against him, sure, but the Ravens obviously see something in practice that make them want to continue to work with him. Also i think if he didnt want to work there is no way he'd be on the practice squad, they would have just cut ties.
You made the foolish mistake of seeing the thread title & thinking it was actually about Kindle. Clearly you didn't get the memo that it had morphed into a Ray Lewis/John Harbaugh love-hatefest...

But let's talk Kindle, just you & me, OK?

It never occurred to me that he had any PS eligibility left, but if it had I would have understood the moves completely. First, there is very little risk he'd be poached off the PS: a reputation as perhaps not the quickest study with respect to the playbook, plus his ongoing hearing problems, would probably warn teams away from signing him to a 53-man roster.

Second, he's a great fit for the Ravens practice squad. PS is for two types of players: projects & emergency backups. Sergio fits in both senses. There may still be hope for him as a situational LB next season (especially if in the meantime they can work out a hearing fix that the league will allow). And if (dogforbid) they were to lose another LB or need to fill a hole on ST, Sergio has been practicing with the team for over a year & (whatever his limitations might be) knows the roles they might need him to fill better than anyone coming in cold.