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Exposed as what? What exactly do you think is being hidden behind that facade?
I don't like the 'corporate' approach to football. Hokey speeches and a mindset there is only ONE way to do something. It appears on game days, game management, and the expectation that we should win staying EXACTLY as we were year to year. That making the playoffs IS success. Winning a Super Bowl is success. I would trade 4 years of 8-8 records for 1 Super Bowl. The Giants have had crappy seasonal records and still have 2 Super Bowls over the past 10 years.

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I personally think people calling for Harbaughs head because of one game is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

There are no conspiracys going on behind the scenes people, move along now. :grbac:
I am not calling for Harbaugh's head so don't put words into my mouth thank you very much. :grbac:

I do NOT like him as a head coach, I have never liked him in any capacity and don't see him raising the team to level of champion. I need look no further than his approval of our offensive coordinator and his lack of in game adjustments.

That being said, we are stuck with him. I have NO choice but to get behind him and hope he does the right thing and fires this offensive coordinator and takes command of his assistants like he takes command of his players.