John is a stand by your coaches kinda guy. Cam, Dean Pees, Moeller, and Rosburg, have all been in the firing line of fan frustration and yet remain as coaches on this team. When the talent level was at its all time high, I think you could get away with some questionable coaching performances. The talent was such that results were gotten,those results never lived up to the talent but they were enough to help guys skate by. Now when there is a dropoff in talent, we are seeing the warts of these coaches up close and personnel. I think come the end of the year there should be significant changes on the coaching staff.

Jerry Rosburg finally has a special teams unit that seems solid to this point. That said how many guys did the team have to carry as "special team" specialists to make that happen. Graham, Ayandebejo, Ihedigbo etc....any team that ties up the number of spots on guys who specialty is special teams should be that good. What impact does this have on our depth on D?

Gary Moeller has been at best mediocre as the Oline coach. I see little adjusting on the Oline to opponents defensive fronts and the development of talent has been spotty at best. Not to mention a couple of DWI's. I gotta wonder if another coach could get more out a group of guys who seem to have some talent but consistently show lack of good fundamentals and a propensity to get the same silly penalties

Dean Pee's- Will grant Dean Pees was handed less than others who have stepped into the job but that said its the lack of adjustments in game that really bother me. While I think a lot of if not most of the drop off in performance has to be traced to guys lost either through FA or injury, some of it is scheme and some of it has to do with trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. Mike Nolan was sitting there to be had this off season. I would have much preferred to see him come in. Nolan was a guy who when he took over looked at the personnel he had and rather than trying to replicate what the guy (Lewis) did before him, he changed things to fit the personnel. God I wish we had that now.

Cam Cameron- What more can be said. Year after year we see silly play calls. Even when Joe calls the plays its still from a bag of festering pooh that Cam hands him. Unimaginative when it should be imaginative, overly complicated when it should be simple. No communication between the coordinator and Oline coach or Cam would realize that the patterns he has our WR out there trotting around doing are taking far to long develop (for the 3 year in a row) and are likely to get our QB killed at some point this year if it keeps up. An all pro running back who far to often becomes an after thought in the offensive game plan. Its not just fans, commentators, critics and other ex-coaches have even wondered just what is running through the mind of one Cam Cameron.