Whether it happens now (probably not a wise idea) or in the offseason, it has become apparent that the current system has held us back from consistent performance, and now even the defensive system has fallen to bits which could even cost us a play off birth this year. The defense has bailed us out in the past and got us far in the play offs, but that can only work for so long, and it's hard to win a SB playing that that way. It has now caught up with us, and the offense has failed so far to consistently carry us now that the defense has finally lost a major step (which was bound to happen eventually).

The drunken Oline (Andy Moeller) coach seriously needs to go. Ever since he's been here, our Oline has had some serious fundamental issues for the past 2 or 3 years. We had one of the best Olines in Flaccos first two years in the league, and now it's gone to shit. It's not the players IMO, there are plenty of capable Olines in the league with much less talent than us. We have arguably the best guard in football, a veteran and decent center, a big strong rookie at right tackle, and even Michael Oher isn't as bad as everyone makes him out to be. I bet any money he'd look better playing on the Patriots Oline. We ran a straight up power run scheme up front which worked very well with our line, then this new coach tries adopting the ZBS, but we just don't have the guys to run that scheme. They are all maulers (apart from Matt Birk).

We have the talent to be much better and more consistent up front, but our coach has failed to do that, so I think it's time for a change. Some have mentioned the Philly DC as a possible candidate as he was an Oline coach before becoming the DC. The WR coach has done a terrible job developing our WR's, I'm not sure how long he's been here, but our WR's still have serious separation issues, even though we have an emerging talent in Torrey, and a really solid veteran in AnQuan Boldin. Both would look better playing in the Patriots or Packers offense, they need to get separation on a much more consistent basis.

Then the main culprit Cam Cameron, who is the most puzzling OC in the league. I have been a semi defender of Cam up to this point, and many doomsday posters here would argue and say that he's fine and all, and it's just the players. I kind of find that hard to believe with the talent we have. Why the fuck does he forget about Rice when we go behind by one score? And why does he forget about Flacco when we are up by only one score? There is NO happy medium with him, no consistency, and no adjustments. We need a brand new offensive system, and a system that gets the best out of all our players playing to their strengths. Norv isn't the answer, we need to get away from the Coryell offense, it's not a good fit for todays NFL.

I wont get onto the defense because it's the first time we've been poor, and it wont be that hard to fix the defense in the offseason, I think it's more on the players rather than the system or the coaches on the D side.

What say you? What needs to change?

No the sky isn't falling at 5-2, but I have a hard time believing we have a shot at the SB with the way we're playing. Just making the play offs simply isn't good enough anymore.