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    Re: Should we consider converting to a 4-3?

    I still thnk if we just get a good NT and 5 tech we are better suited for a 34 front. Ngata, Suggs and upshaw are perfect fits for a 34. A big nose tackle that can hold up at the point of attack and another redding type player and we instantly have one of the best front lines in the league again.

    Just two inside linebackers short of the best front seven.

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    Re: Should we consider converting to a 4-3?

    I think we stay 34, a 4-3 solves nothing if Cody is getting pushed down field by a single blocker (under sized center). I think it is time to see what Tyson and Hall have to offer. McPhee was good at pass rusher, probably needs more time to develop as a run stuffer.
    I think the McBean injury hurt bad, he was slotted to fill Redding's vacant and McPhee would have probably stayed a situational guy. McBean a big guy like Redding and had a similiar playing style as Redding in a 5 technique. McBean went down and they never made a move to go after another guy (wasn't much available on FA market), so they just plugged McPhee in.

    If they can just get a guy in there to hold the point of attack we are in better shape. Right now Cody and Kemo are not doing that.


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