Watching the Texans game, it struck me that aside from Ngata, there's really no one else on the defensive line who's even somewhat formidable. All I saw all day was Ngata getting double teamed and the rest of their offensive line being able to over-match the other defensive linemen. It seems to me that if you've only got one guy on the DLine who can command a double team, then in a 3-4 you're allowing the offense to have an extra offensive lineman free to do whatever.

I noticed Schaub seemed to have all day, aside from the occasional time Upshaw or Suggs got into the backfield. I think it'd also allow more creativity in terms of stunts and misdirection. I think it'd also give us more options in the pass rush as well, on third downs you could drop Suggs down into the DE position and put Kruger in the OLB spot.

I know Oz doesn't make midseason trades, but I'd love to see him go out and grab a huge body like Richard Seymour, just someone to eat up blockers and swing the numbers in our favor.

I was hoping some of the posters here with more knowledge could share their opinion. Would adding an additional lineman help out in disrupting the pocket?