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    I understand everything except...

    In the second quarter we punted the ball to the texans 27 and there was a personal foul on 88 of the Texans which was announced as half the distance to the goal. Yet the ball got spotted at the Texans 42. Did they ever explain what happened there?

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    Re: I understand everything except...

    I was scratching my head on that one too. I was also wondering how it could be half the distance to the goal when the ball was spotted outside the 20. Refs were horrible today all around.
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    Re: I understand everything except...

    my hubby and I were questioning the same thing and scratching our heads! I said it looked like they should be back around the 15 yard line after the penalty, then next thing I know they are up around the 40. WTH?? Can anyone shed some light on this? Him and I were just discussing this again a moment ago and we still can't figure it out and if it was spotted incorrectly, why didn't Harbaugh scream or even the announcers mention it? Anyone with an answer??

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    Re: I understand everything except...

    S.Koch punts 51 yards to HST 25, Center-M.Cox. K.Martin to HST 27 for 2 yards (A.McClellan). PENALTY on BLT-D.Pitta, Face Mask (15 Yards), 15 yards, enforced at HST 27. (The punt hang time was 4.3 seconds.)

    I was also confused, because the ref never corrected the call, and gumbel and dierdork didn't say anything either. The penalty was actually on the Ravens.


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