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So you have no idea what you're talking about?


Among all NFL quarterbacks since 2008, Flacco has produced
22 total road wins (including playoffs), second to only Eli
Manning (23)

That stat took me all of two seconds to look up. Before speaking, research.
Leaving aside the argument about getting wins despite struggling, the problem with this number is that it is simply a result of Joe playing many more road games than other QBs over that time.

Looking at winning percentage on the road (and at home) since 2008 (through yesterday):

Flacco: Home: 32-5 (.865) , Road: 22-21 (.512).......difference: (.353)
Eli : Home: 24-14 (.632), Road: 23-14 (.622).......difference: (.010)
Peyton: Home: 23-7 (.767) , Road: 18-10 (.643).......difference: (.124)
Brady : Home: 28-4 (.875) , Road: 16-12 (.571).......difference: (.304)
BigBen: Home: 28-7 (.800) , Road: 20-14 (.588).......difference: (.212)
Brees : Home: 29-9 (.763) , Road: 21-15 (.583).......difference: (.180)
Rodgers: Home: 26-9 (.743) , Road: 22-17 (.564).......difference: (.179)
Rivers : Home: 24-13 (.649) , Road: 18-18 (.500).......difference: (.149)
Romo : Home: 18-11 (.621) , Road: 14-16 (.467)......difference: (.154)

Flacco has the largest drop off on the road of anyone, though Brady is somewhat close. Flacco has the 3rd lowest road win percentage, ahead of only Romo and Rivers who simply win less games overall (home and away) on their respective, worse teams.

While I agree that the statement that "Flacco can't win on the road" is hyperbole to the point of silliness, I completely disagree with the premise that Flacco is some kind of Road Warrior; I also think that stat about 2nd most total road wins is misleading when looking at road efficiency.