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    Re: How embarrassing for the city of Baltimore

    Quote Originally Posted by HKusp View Post
    when you say stuff like this you have very little credibility. Name another team that has made it to and won a playoff game for 4 years straight. No rational person can say the org sucks. It makes you sound lie a dim wit at best.
    Not to mention saying one loss, even a bad one, means the organization sucks.

    I'm not sure I'd say the OP just sounds like a dim wit...

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    Re: How embarrassing for the city of Baltimore

    This guy is a tool and on my ignore list.

    The city of Baltimore embarrasses itself enough with the filth that inhabits it. The Ravens are one of the few bright spots for an otherwise dreadful city. When they play poorly, it hardly does any more damage to the city than it has done to itself for years and years.

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    Re: How embarrassing for the city of Baltimore

    Looking at the body of work by the OP, I would say that he's probably an embarrassment to his family.

  4. Re: How embarrassing for the city of Baltimore

    It sucks to lose because it brings out the ugliness and negativity in so many individuals.

    With that being said...
    I now revert you back to your TVs where you can watch the completion of this skull dragging of our Ravens by the Houston Texans as the OP here has been dealt with in an appropriate manner.
    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!


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