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Thread: play calls

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    play calls

    One word - moronic. Rice runs well on first possession, so - no run on second and three on second possession. Even dumber, after a Leach six yard run on first down in shadow of the end zone, two straight passes, which lead to a safety and turn momentum around. So foolish not replacing him.

    BTW, does Cam remember rollouts are legal, and are what got the offense going in the AFC Championship game?

    Edit - got one, but no receiver deep.
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    Re: play calls

    I said exactly the same thing during the game thread. Not running while near the EZ after that Leach run was idiotic. Rice had 27 yards running after carrying the ball 3 times in the 1st Qtr. The eschewed the run and decided to put the game on the arm of Joe Flacco on the road while being pressured. Everyone, except the coaching staff and some fans, knows that Joe gets flustered and panics on the road when under pressure. That is when a coach has to see this condition and make Rice earn his new, bug contract. Rice is the best player on the offense, and is always ignored during most losses. Look it up.
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    Re: play calls

    I'm thinking Cam wants to hear his name this coming week being discussed by all the experts on TV. Pretty sure the discussion will be about Ray Rice not being used effectively by Cam. Also how his play calling is part of the reason for so many three and outs this year. Cam gets off being the OC and disregards what others say.

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    Think they would fire him mid season?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shellda55 View Post
    Think they would fire him mid season?
    They won't fire him any time soon.
    Harbs can use injuries to the D as an excuse for Cam's ineptitude.

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    Re: play calls

    They'd have to miss the playoffs, and even then I'm not sure they'd fire him. Probably blame the season on the injuries.

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    I'd love to be a fly on the wall in harbs office or even during the coaches meetings to hear where the blame is put. Coming from a coach, we preach no matter what play is called it should be executed to perfection.... But I would definitely be calling other plays ;)

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    Re: play calls

    Dramatic Scene: What leverage does Cam have on Harbs that allows him to keep his job???

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    Re: play calls

    I unfortunately see this all the time with my college team, Virginia Tech. We have the same type of boneheaded OC who refuses to adjust his calls to what is happening in the game. It is actually a very fustrating group of teams to root for (VT/Ravens). At the end of the day, Frank Beamer is buddies with the OC Bryan Stinespring and refuses to deal with it.

    If anything changes, it going to have to come from higher up. Is Cam going to tell SB and Ozzie that they shouldn't be paying Rice all that $$$? I guess if I was Rice, I would be loving this situation, since he is making bank and having to do very little.

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    Re: play calls

    On the Ravens' very first possession, immediately after Rice's 15-yard run in Texans territory, Cam calls three straight 'shotgun' passes. Of course, none of them were necessary. Of course, no first down achieved. Of course, they settle for a field goal.

    This problem goes back at least two years to the game in New England when the Ravens held a 10-point lead in the 4th quarter. It seemed that Cam did everything he could to refrain from gaining first downs. Even when they were running all over the Patriots, gaining consecutive first downs, Cam immediately killed the drive by shutting down the running game. It caught me completely by surprize, but it was insanely obvious that the Patriots were going to get as many possessions as they needed to comeback and win the game. The Ravens kept punting and punting, and the Patriots scored the last 13 points of the game. That was extremely hard to watch (a pivotal game for the No. 1 seed in the playoffs). It certainly crossed my mind - not actually believing it to be true - that the intent of such playcalling was very suspect (i.e., deliberately deceitful).

    Following the 2010 season (and the horrendous 2nd half 'meltdown' in Pittsburgh) it appeared that Cameron was going to be fired. He was saved, as most media observers put it, by the impending 'lockout' by the owners (i.e., to minimize the disruption it would cause).

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    Re: play calls

    When they lose to Cleveland next week the "you know what" will hit the fan - and the Ravens 2012 downward spiral will start. This team should be 2W - 5L and its only due to smoke and mirrors and the incompetence of a couple of the opposing coaches that has that record reversed.

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    Re: play calls

    Quote Originally Posted by rharris1986 View Post
    When they lose to Cleveland next week the "you know what" will hit the fan - and the Ravens 2012 downward spiral will start. This team should be 2W - 5L and its only due to smoke and mirrors and the incompetence of a couple of the opposing coaches that has that record reversed.
    I swear every thread I open I see your post about how we "should" be 2-5. No matter how many games are won and lost moving forward, there is no "We should be" anything, record is permanent. Games are won and lost with a luck play here and there, less games are blow out IRL than in say Madden. I understand there are issues, but do you ever say anything positive about the Ravens?
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