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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Texans 10/21

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    No way.

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    If Flacco keeps up his average 56 QB rating on the road and the defense continues to stink, it could happen easily.

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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Texans 10/21

    This was the worst Ravens performance I've seen in a long time, but I'm optimistically hoping it was just a bad day. But even at my optimistic best, the piss poor pass protection worries me.

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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Texans 10/21

    This was the worst beat down the Ravens have suffered since that game in Indy when Peyton Manning lit them up years ago. Still, it is just one game. The Texans got embarrassed last week against the Packers and looked like a totally different team today. Rest up and move on.

    I know I am beating a dead horse with this, but McKinnie, KO, Birk, Yanda, and Oher are obviously the best 5 OL the Ravens have, and that is the OL that should be playing. Flacco isn't going to make it through the season getting hit like this.

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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Texans 10/21

    I just can't get over this team can't handle early game adversity on the road.


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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Texans 10/21

    You know it was a bad beat down, but things started going the Texans way and it just snowballed.......
    Way Down South in New Orleans


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