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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Texans 10/21

    Quote Originally Posted by pslholder96 View Post
    really even though were down 3 scores?
    oh i must of missed when we were down 3 scores, inside our own 10 and having flacco throw bad..

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    This game is the offensive lines fault combined with some legitimately good play by Houston, you can't argue that they haven't deserved to do well, these Texans. They came to play so let's give them some of the credit. But yes, this is the o lines fault, bar none. Flacco and every other QB in the NFL will fail miserably when the o line plays like this. Seriously, all of these batted balls that Flacco has thrown? Those are FREE RUSHERS. Why are so many of our passing downs allowing free rushers like this? It's like they are not even trying to protect the QB. The free rusher doesn't get a sack? Fine, they get a batted ball or an INT instead. How is Flacco supposed to fight against that? The o line on this team is fucking pathetic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOTA View Post

    Everyone kept on saying this was now Flacco's team. I really hope this isn't a preview of things to come with Flacco in charge
    He hasnt been very good today, but just like KC and Jax last year, no one can get open, very little Rice, and the OL is a sieve.

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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Texans 10/21

    what kinda of fucking coverage is that?

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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Texans 10/21

    Got Ray Rice in there, so.... 2nd and 2, pass. 3rd and 2, pass. Conclusion, Cam Cameron has no business working in the NFL.

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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Texans 10/21

    good god. our defense is a mess. WHAT THE FUCK?!?

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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Texans 10/21

    Yeah OL not good, but let's face it, Joe goes into robot mode waaaay too quickly when things don't go well. He's not good enough to carry a team when things are breaking down.

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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Texans 10/21

    Quote Originally Posted by ActualSpamBot View Post
    And even though the pocket was collapsed and the ball was tipped by a guy right Joe's face less than 1 second after the snap, "fans" like Sgt CouchPotato and his ilk will blame Joe for that I'm sure.
    Does Flacco not have to know what's going on?


    It's a team clusterfuck and Joe isn't some innocent bystander.

    My god.


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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Texans 10/21

    Really missing Webb out there
    "Flacco stepping up and throwing deep down the far sideline... CAUGHT!!! Into the endzone, TOUCHDOWN JACOBY JONES!!!!!"

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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Texans 10/21

    On defense, we still have the same massive problem we showed in the Philly game of being totally unable to defend the TE. The LBs pass the TE through too shallow and/or our safeties are too deep to pick him up in time to stop the mid-range easy completion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RavensQB View Post
    Joe is calling the plays.... hmmmmm
    Don't know how much it matters now. Whole offense is getting manhandled
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    Re: Game Thread Ravens @ Texans 10/21

    This is called wide open. We can't get a half-step on a DB.


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