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    Quote Originally Posted by bmorecareful View Post
    Tackles are not a stat indicative of a high level of play. Yes, Ray is making a lot of tackles--and most of them are because teams are running right at him for 5-8 yards a pop. Sure, he's going to bring the RB down from behind, but the damage is already done. He's also missed quite a few tackles that he probably makes even last year.

    The league's top tacklers each year are every-down ILBs. That doesn't mean all of those guys are playing at a high level, although many of them are. It just means they have a lot of chances to make tackles.
    Wow. Really?!

    If tackles are not an accurate measure of an ILB's talent / value, please tell me what is?
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    Re: Oz thinks Ray will be back this year

    Guys are forgetting we lost probably one of the best edge setters in all of football with JJ, and Redding playing DE solidified those edges, losing Suggs also further exposed the LACK of experience we have setting edges on run plays. Teams are not running up the gut on us they are attacking the edges and sealing them off and theres either the cutback or go right around the tackle. Ray is now tryna clean up the edges coming from the middle or having to take on gaurds and FB to stop those cutbacks, I don't care who you are if Patrick Willis was on this defense he would like a hott mess too trying to take care of cutback lanes that have are so hug you can drive Toyota Tundra pulling a boat through it. Lemme say again, Ray has declined but not a total fall off the cliff as some of yall tryna put it, Ray is still a top 10 if not top 5 Middle backer in the league, decline or not he's still one of the best. Give Ray the same defense from last year around him or better, we wouldn't even be having this discussion.

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    Re: Oz thinks Ray will be back this year

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenMadness View Post

    Whatta a beast!

    Film shows Lewis played five snaps after tearing his right triceps. He made what could be his final tackle one-handed, knowing he had a serious injury.

    Agree with you HoustonRaven....glad our GM is runnin the show!
    I hope somebody lays out that bitch Cowboys RB who was talking trash after Ray tackled him with one arm on his last play.

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    Re: Oz thinks Ray will be back this year

    Well, people can't call out Flacco much this year so I guess Ray is the low man on the team this year. Yea,Ray is the reason the defense is stinking this year. Yea,Ray is the reason for all that is wrong on the defense. Yea, Ray needs to go(being hurt and playing 5 snaps, tackling with one arm on his last play on the field)the man does not belong on the field anymore. LOL
    Ray made the Ravens become one of the best defenses in the NFL for many years. Ray will call it quits when he wants to, arm chair footballexperts will just have to wait and see what happens. Damn that Flacco and Cam for winning 5 games so far, Ray really doesn't need any additional aggravation. Get well Ray, come back when you are ready.


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