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    Re: Time for Flacco to put the team on his back?

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeyGladstone View Post
    Nope, but try again.

    Just saw it & was curious to how the Ravens fan base felt regarding Flacco & whether you guys felt he was in the elite category. I mean he has done a great job winning games, but....
    But what?!?!?

    He wins. I noticed you didn't put that on your (fantasy) stat list. Or winning % in games started. As a fan, that is all I care about.

    Originally Posted by HoustonRaven

    First, it was he had to beat the Steelers. He did that.

    Then, it was he had to win a playoff game. He did that. Numerous times.

    Then, it was he had to beat the Steelers with a healthy Big Jen. He did that. Twice.

    Originally Posted by JoeyGladstone
    Get back to me when those 3 supposedly above Flacco have more COMBINED playoff wins then Flacco.

    The two things he hasn't done, yet:

    QB his team to a championship.

    Lead the league in fantasy stats (which I think is what the OP is really concerned about).
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    Re: Time for Flacco to put the team on his back?

    I appreciate Joe's confidence, and I agree, he has carried this team for while now. I do wish he would lose the "elite" bs. It just gives these idiot reporters fodder to attack him when he has a bad day.

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    Re: Time for Flacco to put the team on his back?

    go get em joe!

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    Re: Time for Flacco to put the team on his back?

    If getting to the Superbowl and winning it in today's NFL relies on Flacco carrying this team on his back, we won't see another championship in Baltimore during the Flacco era. Flacco is not good enough to put this team on this back.


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