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I think with Flacco being 6'6" helps a lot too. Flacco doesn't usually gets passes batted. Granted Watt is an athletic freak, but Flacco definitely has an advantage being tall and having a high release point.
That's definitely true. One interesting thing that the Texans have been having Watt do is he'll line up as a down lineman, and at the snap he'll stand up, gain separation with an initial punch and get in position to deflect the pass.

Watch the highlights embedded in this story. http://deadspin.com/5950222/how-the-...game-is-played

His leaps are a designed play, that's why I think the onus is really on the oline to neutralize his ability to do so. If they can, then that actually will give Flacco more time to throw because Watt isn't really rushing the passer in those situations, but he isn't really in coverage either.