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    OBYs latest "NOT OPTIMAL" GAFFE should seal the election with all this backlash

    Just when his campaign can't get any worse with Romney taking the lead in both
    the general election polls by 7 points and leading for the first time on Real Clear's
    electoral college map, it gets worse with this gaffe.

    The word 'optimal' was first used by Stewart in the question. But Obama's use of it, in a sound bite that could be used to portray him as somewhat casual about the deaths, lit up conservatives on the internet after it was first reported in a White House pool report by Mike Memoli of the 'Los Angeles Times'.

    The website Breitbart criticised the president for playing down the deaths of the four Americans when he used words such as 'crude and disgusting' to describe the anti-Muslim YouTube video that was initially linked to the attacks.
    'To reiterate: deaths of Americans are "not optimal," and "bumps in the road." A YouTube video is "bigotry," "blasphemy," "crude and disgusting," an "insult," and inhuman,' commentator Ben Shapiro wrote.

    'The left is already saying that the 'not optimal' quote has been taken out of context; they were saying that Stewart used the word 'optimal' first.

    Stewart did use the word first. See above but OBY reiterated the point and used it
    down playing the deaths.

    Libya is killing him now in the polls as it stays in the head lines every day and now
    he jokes about it on a comedy show.

    Mitt just needs to keep his mouth shut now and ride the tide into the WH.

    This site is for HR and all the gun guys. Some funny comments from the posters.
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