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    STUNNING: 7 pt lead for Mitt as he gets debate bounce

    "Never before in the history of the Gallup polls has anyone lost with a 51-45 pt lead at this point in the campaign. Now it's a 52-45 lead." Karl Rove

    Damn, Dick Morris was right. Mitt would win by a land slide after winning the undecideds. Also see Christian thread where
    Billy Graham is getting the Christian votes out.

    Mitt is pulling away from OBY with a couple of weeks left.

    He continues to get the debates bounce and pads his lead to 7 points according to Gallup and they polled likely voters.

    Mitt even says he's convinced the undecideds have swayed to him while OBY acknowledges mistakes were made in Libya.

    Yea, wait til the next debate when its only on foreign policy. Mitt will crucify him even more on Libya. It is effecting this election
    as country knows he lied saying it was a mob attack after
    a video was made.

    Also see the RCP thread when Mitt has pulled ahead in Penn by 4 points. PA hasn't voted for gop since 1988.

    OBY also blows 11 pt lead in OHio where's it tied in a dead heat.

    Other swing states like Iowa, Nevada and Colorado are tied where OBY led before the debates.
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    Re: STUNNING: 7 pt lead for Mitt as he gets debate bounce

    Speaking of Dick, Greta had him on and said this lead is just for the general election and doesn't include the electoral
    college. Dick said yea, but as the lead builds here it will also change in the electoral vote. We've seen leads change in
    Penn and blown leads in Ohio, Wisc and others.

    OBY had a 14 pt lead in some polls before the debates but he ran a vicious campaign and Romney didn't even fight
    back. Now the country is really seeing him for the first time tearing OBY up in the first debate and continuing in the
    second debate and the undecideds are making up their minds for him.

    They see Mitt isn't pointing an ak-47 at women, he's not killing animals. He's not the
    monster OBY made him out to be. He does relate to the middle class. They now realize
    OBY had to lie and smear Mitt because he has no record to talk about.

    When the same thing happened to Hillary when Bill Clinton ran he advised Bill to do nothing.
    It will self destruct and Bill won big, just as Mitt has done nothing to answer that smear
    vs him and now it's paying off.

    OBY ran a smear campaign with lies and people are tired of it so we are seeing a change in the electoral map.

    Greta then had a DEM strategist on who agreed Mitt killed him in the first debate and the second was basically a tie
    but Mitt continues to get the bounce. Mitt will have to blow the third debate for this momentum to change.

    Speaking of swing states, check out these stats:

    Meanwhile, Check out this Gallup chart.

    Mitt's at 52%.
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    Re: STUNNING: 7 pt lead for Mitt as he gets debate bounce

    Whoa!!! I'm stunned and rocked!!!

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    Re: STUNNING: 7 pt lead for Mitt as he gets debate bounce

    Romney is getting the suburban vote except in Ohio which is now tied.

    This also helps explain why Romney still narrowly trails in Ohio polls. Affluent suburban counties cast about one-quarter of the votes in Pennsylvania and Michigan but only one-eighth in Ohio.

    Actually, it's now tied in Ohio 48-48 where OBY lost a 14-pt lead.


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