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    WOW - MSNBC panel swayed toward Mitt

    This so called network is as pro DEM/LIBERAL as you can get and their panel of undecided voters is swayed to Mitt.

    On the flip side over on FOX, Hannity's panel of undecided voters was about 90% swayed to Mitt.

    His other panel after the first debate was swayed to Mitt too.

    His panel after the VP debate remained undecided. That means nobody pays attention to the VPs. It's only the prez debate they
    want to see.

    Gallup had Mitt up by +6 going into the debate
    and the battle ground states are tight.

    OBY blew and 11 point lead in Wisconsin. He still leads by about +2 but that means it's tied.

    He's slightly ahead in Ohio but not by much.

    The UK Guardian said Mitt only needs 2 more states to win it and Britt Hume said almost the same tonight.

    Rasmussen said over the summer that the electoral vote will end in a tie and it will go to the HOuse for final vote with each state getting 1 vote.

    That happened in the Thomas Jefferson vs Aaron Burr election which was tied. Jefferson called in some old markers and manipulated the congress to vote for him.

    Looks like Dick Morris was right all along saying the undecided voters will vote for Mitt.
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