View Poll Results: How would you respond to the Ravens signing a post-prison term Michael Vick?

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  • Vick's a freak, and everyone deserves a second chance - I'd welcome him to Baltimore.

    2 2.90%
  • I'd take the wait-and-see approach, and hope he'd earn my respect/trust.

    4 5.80%
  • Forget dog-fighting - Vick the QB is overrated, and I don't want him for that reason.

    10 14.49%
  • I'll pass - it just isn't worth the risk.

    8 11.59%
  • Under no circumstances would I want him on my team - I'd protest to prove it.

    45 65.22%
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    Poll: Your Response to Michael Vick the Raven?

    The Michael Vick saga is major NFL, and frankly, national news. One of the game's highest profile players faces major jail-time, and an uphill battle in a return to the league.

    John Clayton and Don Banks, in articles posted for Friday morning for their respective websites, explain that despite the horror of the charges against Vick, and the likelihood that he'll face jailtime, league-wide consensus is that he'll make it back to the league in some capacity, likely with a team either with a desperate need to win, or with a team whose personnel men, coaches, and ownership could make such a bold move and survive the PR onslaught nearly assured to take place.

    This got me thinking - How would the Ravens fan base react if the post-prison Vick got his second chance in Baltimore?

    Hence the poll:
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    Re: Poll: Your Response to Michael Vick the Raven?

    Not worth it from a PR standpoint or a football standpoint. Guy just isn't an accurate enough passer to lead a football team. And could you imagine the articles or fan bashings if the RAVENS signed this guy?

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    Re: Poll: Your Response to Michael Vick the Raven?

    Unless Steve Bisciotti's suddenly gonna up sticks and sell the team it won't happen. He made a point when he took over that he wanted to clean up the reputation and criminal record of our team. Why would he throw all that away for a guy who's just out of jail in probably the biggest criminal case involving an NFL player since our former #31 and our own #52?

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    Re: Poll: Your Response to Michael Vick the Raven?

    Aberage QB at best that was overhyped because he could run..... It's a NO for me..
    Waiting for the next one!!!

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    Re: Poll: Your Response to Michael Vick the Raven?

    Why the poll in the first place? Did he get released?

    As for my vote. No, hell no, no way, nyet, nunca. The guy's overrated to begin with and a douchbag on top of it. Besides, I like being able to read the newspaper and see OTHER teams dealing with criminal issues. For a while there it seemed like every few weeks a Ravens was in the news with criminal issues.

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    Re: Poll: Your Response to Michael Vick the Raven?

    I wouldn't want him on the Ravens either. Like Stockers said, Bisciotti is cleaning up the rep of the team and I don't see him wanting Vick on the squad.

    I could see Al Davis going for him though.
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    Re: Poll: Your Response to Michael Vick the Raven?

    Usually I stick up for guys like TO because I respect the talent they have and I really dont care about the off field BS. But bringing Vick in would be a nightmare on so many levels that it just wouldnt be worth it in the long run. No thanks, not after this.
    WOW! I feel so fortunate that the Ravens did what they had to do to make this happen. Thank you. My Heart is with the Raven....My Heart is with Baltimore and its great fans. What can I say. Here We Go!!! --Ray Lewis
    No, Thank you Ray...

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    Re: Poll: Your Response to Michael Vick the Raven?

    No NFL team is going to sign Vick -- he's taken his last snap in this league. Well, on second thought, the Raiders are always a possibility, assuming he gets out of the hoosegow in time to still have a career. If he doesn't cop a plea today, and ends being tried, he's going to be locked up for quite a while. If he has any sense at all, he'll let his lawyers cut a deal and take what they give him.

    And as mentioned earlier in this thread, it would be one really cold day in Hell before Bisciotti would even consider signing him. Definitely not his style.

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    Re: Poll: Your Response to Michael Vick the Raven?

    Only if we can get a package deal with Ms Pacman and Rae Carruth. I keed I keed. Voted No and would protest.

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    Re: Poll: Your Response to Michael Vick the Raven?

    I'd protest. No way on Earth would I give a team my money so they could pay that piece of shit, and thats all he is. Not to mention, he's flat out not a good QB. One of the most overrated players in NFL history, in my opinion.

    I agree with highwater though, I believe he is done in the NFL. He is practically unsignable, not only because of the bad PR the team will get, as well as fan backlash, but you also have to consider that Goodell will be looking down on any team that does. Of course, he's not officially off the Falcons, but theres no way he plays for them again. Arthur Blank isn't going to have scum like Vick on the Falcons.

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    Thumbs down Re: Poll: Your Response to Michael Vick the Raven?

    No friggin way would I want Vick as a Raven...EVER. I would stop going to games as long as he was on the team.

    He's been a bust since he got into the league anyway...totally over-rated since day one.


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    Re: Poll: Your Response to Michael Vick the Raven?

    seemed liek a combination of the last three...


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