"But the Ravens picked Pittman to start Saturday at the Washington Redskins because they want to see how he responds to the challenge.

"It's definitely his time to step up, and he knows that," defensive coordinator Rex Ryan said.

Pittman was inactive for every game last season because he struggled with his confidence and injuries.

Opportunity is a knockin,lets see if Pittman will answer the door.I know the FO had high hopes for Pittman when he was drafted,but at the same time realized the transition from Div II ball to the pros might take a little time.I think it is painfully clear that Ivy isnt the answer opposite of CMac,so lets see what Pittman can do for a whole half presumably against the starters for the Skins.

He might have it a little rough out there,since teams refuse to throw at CMac so lets see if he holds up getting half of the passes directed at his side of the field.