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    Record crowds gather to see Mitt/Dick Morris might have been right

    Remember Galen used to show all those record crowds to see OBY 4 years ago? Now they're surging for Mitt in record numbers from coast to coast including half an entire town in Ohio to see Romney.

    BTW, Mitt surged ahead of OBY in Ohio after the debate wth OBY blowing a pre-debate lead there.

    Dick Morris might have been right. He said all summer it would be a land slide for Mitt because of the un-decideds he polled and the indies are also swaying to Mitt after the debate and even since
    the debate where Mitt has been seen as more energetic and
    motivating the conservative base.

    It really doesn't matter what OBY does in the next debat. As the analysts said on FOX's RED EYE - this election is over.
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